On Writing Race

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A lot of us here when asked to talk about race are most comfortable, or least uncomfortable, talking about it in the language of scandal. It’s so satisfying, so clear, so easy. The wronged. The evildoers. The undeserving. The shady. The good intentions and the cynical manipulations. The righteous side talking, the head shaking. Scandal is such a helpful, such a relieving distraction. There are times when scandal feels like the sun that race revolves around.

—Claudia Rankine, introduction to The Racial Imaginary: Writers on Race in the Life of the Mind


Last week, I had a chance to attend a craft talk and reading by our Visiting Writer, Claudia Rankine. During her visit, she talked about the importance of poets and writers creating writing that confronts the divisive topic of race in order to place race within the context of conversation, rather than reducing any writing which addresses race…

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I finally got around to this! Yaay

First, how do I come up with a name for my blog!? This is totally insane, I have been thinking about this ,  but had not thought of a name and exactly what I wanted to write about.

“They” have always told me:my friends, acquaintances: The ones who know me so well and the ones that pretend to, “You should start a blog” And I always have said to myself, yes I will”.

It’s 0241hrs here, undergoing a very hard case of Insomnia, and it’s Saturday night! What happened to my life! So I get my phone and first thing I think of… “Alright, about that blog..let’s see..”

And here I am now…”Ugandan Gypsy ” wow, may be for a little introduction explanation: Yes Ugandan female stuck between 25 and 28! (Am sure no one can blame me for that) P.S It’s not yet a case of midlife crisis, Not Yet! “Gypsy- a nomadic or and free-spirited person” Everything gets easily boring for me…I wake up with a new dream each day, perhaps the same reason why I suck at getting them accomplished. So if this blog lasts for the next one month I may have to change names, treat myself to a big glass of wine and say, “Yesss I made it!”

All this could sound like some amateur gibberish but believe me I have been smiling from the first word of this blog,  because I know we all start somewhere. And I know am making myself proud. And oh well I have a new place to bring all my venting and personal musings just if you are ready to take a walk with me. (dear sweet reader).. Can I use smileys?  No?

She Lives, Loves hard, laughs,and goes with the midnight wind